We are EMPOWA, a Personal Training Center for Women who want results. We thrive on providing the best experience, with the best results, by the best trainers.


Our 15 years of experience has enabled us to create a system that promotes A HEALTHY BODY, A HEALTHY MINDSET in short 30 minute sessions for the modern woman.

Our new Empowa Nutrition support system wipes away the uncertainty and leaves you with delicious, nutritious meal plan & ideas to help lose the unwanted fat, gain muscle tone, and ultimately give you the strength to help you on your journey to an energetic, happy and fulfilled life.

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Our Personal Training system whether one-on-one or in Small Groups offer the most comprehensive and complete package for Training, Nutrition, Support and Experience ever created. Getting results has never been easier.


Results made


40 Low Carb Recipes to help you on your way to a healthier and happier you. These recipes are designed to nourish the body you deserve. No fuss, easy to follow, and TASTY! 

About Us

We are EMPOWA, a Personal Training Center just for women. We thrive on providing the best service catered directly for women of all walks of life.


Our 15 years of experience has enabled us to create a center that promotes A HEALTHY BODY, AND A HEALTHY MINDSET which is the EMPOWA WOMAN.

Using proven, science based principles, we have curated the most effective 30 minute workouts, easy to make & tasty meals and unstoppable mindset to bring you a results based system unlike any other.

Our passion is to walk with you, and to bring out the best in YOU.

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The Empowa System

Healthy Salad
Climbing Rope


One of the pillars of health and longevity is what you FUEL your body with. We give you the most nutritious and tastiest meal ideas for you and your family.


Whether 1-on-1 Personal Training or Small Group Personal Training, we have your workouts  curated to burn maximum calories, create muscle tone, and strength to PERFORM.


We are your support network to keep you accountable, your results attainable, to help you ACHIEVE. We are your secret weapon to keep you getting better and better.


Individually we can do so much, TOGETHER we can conquer it all. A diverse community of strong, independent women with a goal and purpose to change the world.

"Great gym , great people and the most motivating group to be around. Can’t express how highly I would recommend it. Dev and Jody have created the perfect atmosphere to reach your goals."



"Empowa is more than just a fitness center. It is a community of women all motivating and encouraging each other to do their best daily. Empowa is ran by two professional, knowledgeable and friendly trainers, Jody and Dev who provide so much love and support for all of their members. Jody and Dev's positivity is infectious and has helped grow Empowa into the empowering women’s community it is today. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is serious about achieving their goals and who is wanting to do so in a great environment."


"I signed up around 5 months ago now and loved every day of it!! Dev and Jody are not just professionals and amazing in what they do they are lovely people too!!! 200% invested in each and every one of their clients.. Highly recommended!!!!"


"I enjoy being welcomed each time I walk into the gym. Not sure why I didn't go in there a long time ago. Dev and Jody both took their time with me to find out about me; making it easier for them to personalize my program. It is a clean and fresh gym and the best of all is it's close to home and how good I feel everytime I walk out of there. A great gym for the ladies. Enough equipment and classes to leave your body feeling.... TRIM, TAUT & TERRIFIC 😊😊"


"Love this place ! If you are looking for a gym that makes you want to get off your bum and actually go then this is the place ! So close to all the trainers :) they make you feel completely comfortable and encourage you to push yourself"



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